The sum of all fears: The clock that never was


Now that emotions have subsided and all the e-warriors cum social activists have moved on to the next click bait, I took time to see why the Texas kid was arrested for his “clock”.

On looking at the picture above, I couldn’t help but understand the caution the school authorities showed on this matter. The only downer being arresting the kid like a common criminal.

Lets put it this way, suppose a stranger walks up to you and gives you a suitcase with the content above, what would be your first reaction. Let that sink in…


The  sum of all fears


Photo Credit: Google


2 thoughts on “The sum of all fears: The clock that never was

  1. Nah dude, he didn’t build that clock, he took one apart and wanted to prank the school. This is an example of a mischievous kid who got more than he bargained for. He’s a brat, same thing would’ve happened to any punk kid no matter what his background was. People making this into something its not. I say the cops & school acted appropriately. Now some people are speculating if the parents were in on the gag. I’m keeping an eye out on this story to see what is the real deal. It is a shame that there are people out there who want to take advantage of the emotions of good peopy who stand are standing up for this kid. I see this kid and I smell a fishy situation. If I’m wrong, then I’ll stand corrected.

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