Trump and the reality of American national politics



What the hell is going on in American national politics. I just checked and Donald Trump is running roughshod over the GOP election field. Why and how did this happen? I can tell you why….the people have decided to act for themselves, seek hope and some stimulus of any kind.
While the ‘establishment’ candidates are busy walking a tight rope, Mr Trump is dancing to the GOP nomination by connecting with the people and skipping the middle-men (political pundits and the ‘establishment).
The formula is simple – say what everybody else is thinking but are afraid of saying it out. Say it, brag about it and promise that you will help them solve their innermost gripes.

Updated: Yesterday, the whole networks were held spell bound for an hour listening to this man speak. It was amazing tv (i watched all through). At the same time, Hillary clinton was giving her speech…MSNBC didn’t even bat an eyelid.

This man will be the next president of the US



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5 thoughts on “Trump and the reality of American national politics

    1. Hope that works out. Our system is built on sensationalism and attraction. He keeps the viewer engaged, he speaks off the cuff and for politics weary people, this is refreshing.
      Hilary better bring her A game

      1. It’s entertaining, like watching Archie Bunker with money, but Trump’s not a real actor, as Reagan was. He won’t be able to suddenly NOT be an arrogant jerk after he gets the nomination, voters will think twice about Trump having nuclear weapons and Supreme Court choices, and Clinton will win the general election by default.

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