You just can’t win this


Next week, i would be officially engaged. And while i take this step, there are already some nuggets i’ve picked along the way
– Avoid Pyrrhic victories at all cost. When it comes to the little arguments, you are advised to argue further at your own risk. Better a warm meal with some good loving than Ramen noodles in Chateau le bow-wow.
– When she comes to you distraught and frustrated at something, please (for the love of God), DO NOT OFFER ANY ADVICE. Instead, just be a lamphost, cuddle and nod..with the occasional “sorry”, “how could they do that” and “they are idiots”. Anything else would result in a “how could you suggest something stupid like that”.

Married life is summed up thus (from the man’s viewpoint): Marriage is like an auction, you just hope that your bid is the winning offer – The best offer.


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