Sunsetting of this blog

It has been ages since I last posted on this blog. Between now and my last post, a lot has been going on. With divided attention amongst my new family and other business ventures, I must say that it has been difficult maintaining this blog. Inevitably, this blog will be getting the short end of the… Continue reading Sunsetting of this blog

The Democratic tea party movement

    Called the “Indivisible guide”, they are following the Tea party model that helped  the GOP sweep back Obama’s hold on congress in the past president’s mid-term. They boast of a website that helps mobilize awareness and pro-activism across the country. Their goals includes requesting members to call their elected members of congress to push… Continue reading The Democratic tea party movement

Hello 2017! Sorry, we were late by a second

  Its a new year and there was a uproar at work….Some of the techies forgot to effectively plan on mitigating the above snafu. Computers went berserk and it goes to show that in the boring world of UTC’s and GMT’s a second is all it takes to throw everyone at work into a frenzy.… Continue reading Hello 2017! Sorry, we were late by a second

Trump and the reality of American national politics

Drafts — What the hell is going on in American national politics. I just checked and Donald Trump is running roughshod over the GOP election field. Why and how did this happen? I can tell you why….the people have decided to act for themselves, seek hope and some stimulus of any kind. While the ‘establishment’…

A Silicon valley Startup horror story

View story at With the dream of being part of a startup, I have read hundreds of articles on the subject, only to stumble across this article (initially on which is at best something out of a fantasy movie. But, it is real.. enjoy  

You just can’t win this

Next week, i would be officially engaged. And while i take this step, there are already some nuggets i’ve picked along the way – Avoid Pyrrhic victories at all cost. When it comes to the little arguments, you are advised to argue further at your own risk. Better a warm meal with some good loving… Continue reading You just can’t win this

The Swaziland elephant heist by US zoos

  A couple of zoos in the US teamed up and pulled off a heist of elephants from the African country. The zoos in particular (Dallas zoo, Sedgwick county zoo in Kansas and Henry Doorly zoo in Nebraska) will be splitting the bounty amongst themselves. The elephants (18 in number) were sedated, loaded into crates… Continue reading The Swaziland elephant heist by US zoos