A Silicon valley Startup horror story

View story at Medium.com With the dream of being part of a startup, I have read hundreds of articles on the subject, only to stumble across this article (initially on medium.com) which is at best something out of a fantasy movie. But, it is real.. enjoy   Advertisements

How perception trumps reality

After I received an email that basically did nothing to resolve my situation that needed resolving, the disappointment was crushing. Immediately, my productivity crashed for the day – “why push myself to resolve extra tasks, when I cannot get a clear direction on the future?” Well, that failing test can wait. I discussed this with… Continue reading How perception trumps reality

Why a startup blogger should be wary of the “like” button

As someone who is still writing his way out of blogging purgatory, I find that the most valuable asset for a blogger is community interaction. I started this “medium” less than 9 months ago and only recently (4 months or so) did I begin to blog regularly. Note, for me, regular blogging is an average… Continue reading Why a startup blogger should be wary of the “like” button

And Russia strikes back

  Following the first and second rounds of international sanctions against Putin’s Russia, Putin has ordered his government to prepare retaliatory measures against the U.S and the European Union states. Already, certain Agricultural produce such as Ukrainian dairy produce, Polish apples and Australian beef have been banned. Reports have it that American chickens would be… Continue reading And Russia strikes back

Have you tried living on minimum wage for a week

  I mulled the idea of experimenting living on minimum wage for a week but dropped it like a hot potato. I could not put myself through the shock of a sudden change in my erstwhile modest lifestyle. But recently, a former Governor of a State tried (another term for political stunt) to make a… Continue reading Have you tried living on minimum wage for a week