The Swaziland elephant heist by US zoos

  A couple of zoos in the US teamed up and pulled off a heist of elephants from the African country. The zoos in particular (Dallas zoo, Sedgwick county zoo in Kansas and Henry Doorly zoo in Nebraska) will be splitting the bounty amongst themselves. The elephants (18 in number) were sedated, loaded into crates… Continue reading The Swaziland elephant heist by US zoos

WordPress’s draft

How many of us actively use the Quick draft feature of WordPress? An example of which when a quick idea comes to your mind, you quickly write it down and then leave it for a couple of day to stew. I know i don’t….until this post. I recently stumbled upon a couple of drafts which… Continue reading WordPress’s draft

The madness that is my blog’s theme

  It’s been a month of constant tweaking and updates to my blog’s theme to capture what i term “the right feel ” for my blog. Constant change, they say, does not help stability. I maintained a specific theme for close to a year and it felt good till i tried something else. Ever since,… Continue reading The madness that is my blog’s theme

Building your own relationships

The past two months has been particularly interesting; interesting in the sense that life comes at you with (200 mph) curve balls and you are forced to basically grope in the dark for answers or a way out. And while i cleared one mine field after the other, one thing became clear – relationships matter.… Continue reading Building your own relationships

Those Darned reviews

How helpful are reviews these days? I mean, you scroll down to the review comments section for some help, instead you come off more confused. You are curious about the reviews, but accept it with a lorry-load of salt if they are all positive. You conclude “these are obviously doctored, fake, some paid third-party firm responsible… Continue reading Those Darned reviews

The sum of all fears: The clock that never was

Now that emotions have subsided and all the e-warriors cum social activists have moved on to the next click bait, I took time to see why the Texas kid was arrested for his “clock”. On looking at the picture above, I couldn’t help but understand the caution the school authorities showed on this matter. The only… Continue reading The sum of all fears: The clock that never was

Lawrence of Arabia

During the weekend, I stumbled across a movie – Lawrence of Arabia, while on Netflix. I say stumbled because Netflix has a knack for hiding all the good stuff and forcing garbage down your throat (who in God’s name would want to spend two hours of their life watching Apocalypse man? or Gun woman?). What piqued… Continue reading Lawrence of Arabia