What is classified as inappropriate content?

When you hear inappropriate content, you immediately think rated 18+. I also did, but after I heard a couple of stories about this issue, I knew I had to write about this. The first story concerns a Minnesota State University, Mankato football head coach. On that faithful morning, he was yanked off practice and taken… Continue reading What is classified as inappropriate content?

How the biggest loser became the biggest loser

I think it is safe to conclude that the show “THE BIGGEST LOSER” was the biggest loser last night in its season finale. The controversy that made viewers (on set and in their homes) and trainers look on in horror as one of the contestants came out for all to see. For those who do… Continue reading How the biggest loser became the biggest loser

A game to remember

A game to remember…a game to remember because everybody is still asking, what happened to Peyton Manning? I mean what happened? This was the defacto “Good guy” who was expected to put the Hordes of villains (aka the Seattle Seahawks) in their place. Richard Sherman did not help his team by solidifying their place in… Continue reading A game to remember

How to curb your bulging waistline

They say your waistline is directly proportional to your overall weight and confidence. Contrary to ads you see on T.V concerning all manner of weight loss pills and (expensive) weight loss programs, the secret to keeping your waistline in check is simple; two words: will-power and good eating habits. These determine if you end up… Continue reading How to curb your bulging waistline

Puff Puff Pass

“But why this topic?” were the words that came out from John’s mouth. “Why this, Ken?” Its not as if you smoke weed (otherwise known as Marijuana or Medical Cannabis) or have ever done so in the past, so why are you delving into the fray of such a complicated topic?” When you ask those… Continue reading Puff Puff Pass

I am sorry this store is closed for the Holidays..

For those of us that are single, one of the greatest task of the day is figuring out what to eat …especially for dinner. This particular night was no different except it was the night before Christmas. I had narrowed down my options for dinner…It was either a leftover fish soup, left over turkey from… Continue reading I am sorry this store is closed for the Holidays..

The war on Christmas

Merry Christmas!! In the last few weeks, i bet you may have seen this as a topic discussed in various media outlets; with some equating it to how far America has fallen, with others saying how far America has progressed. So i pose the question on here..Is there a concerted effort to kill Christmas? For… Continue reading The war on Christmas