WordPress’s draft

How many of us actively use the Quick draft feature of WordPress? An example of which when a quick idea comes to your mind, you quickly write it down and then leave it for a couple of day to stew. I know i don’t….until this post. I recently stumbled upon a couple of drafts which… Continue reading WordPress’s draft

The madness that is my blog’s theme

  It’s been a month of constant tweaking and updates to my blog’s theme to capture what i term “the right feel ” for my blog. Constant change, they say, does not help stability. I maintained a specific theme for close to a year and it felt good till i tried something else. Ever since,… Continue reading The madness that is my blog’s theme

DeadPool and the birth of R rated super heros

Who has not seen Deadpool yet? For the past 3 weeks, the movie has been on everybody’s lips. I took time to go see the movie and i must say i laughed from start to finish. It was well made and completely natural. I guess it is refreshing to see someone curse soo much on tv and… Continue reading DeadPool and the birth of R rated super heros

Our Democracy at its best…Gerrymandering

I woke up with the innate need to share this. I came across this picture months ago, but for some strange reason, today struck me as a perfect day to put this up. Anyways, the USA is known as the shinny example of Democracy. Well, ladies and gents, enjoy     Courtesy: Washington Post

Building your own relationships

The past two months has been particularly interesting; interesting in the sense that life comes at you with (200 mph) curve balls and you are forced to basically grope in the dark for answers or a way out. And while i cleared one mine field after the other, one thing became clear – relationships matter.… Continue reading Building your own relationships

Those Darned reviews

How helpful are reviews these days? I mean, you scroll down to the review comments section for some help, instead you come off more confused. You are curious about the reviews, but accept it with a lorry-load of salt if they are all positive. You conclude “these are obviously doctored, fake, some paid third-party firm responsible… Continue reading Those Darned reviews

The sum of all fears: The clock that never was

Now that emotions have subsided and all the e-warriors cum social activists have moved on to the next click bait, I took time to see why the Texas kid was arrested for his “clock”. On looking at the picture above, I couldn’t help but understand the caution the school authorities showed on this matter. The only… Continue reading The sum of all fears: The clock that never was