The week that was….

Its been a week since i last checked into WordPress, so while i have a few seconds, let me catch up. So, lets see, what has changed in the world since last week? nothing new, the world is still being flushed down the toilet, everyone is killing each other, oil prices are crashing and the shale… Continue reading The week that was….

Along came California

8 months ago, i posted an “Along came Colorado” titled post. Today, my title speaks to that regard. Apparently, another relocation to the Golden state has been set. While the journey and settling process seems daunting, the peace of mind that comes with some stability for the next year (career-wise) is comforting. As i indicated earlier,… Continue reading Along came California

Two things – The Sugar Tax and a Cashless society

I have always wondered why junk/processed food is cheap while healthy natural foods are expensive. Anyways, amongst the chaos that was last night’s elections, one important issue was on the ballots for the uppity folks of Berkeley, California. The sugar tax (which was passed in a landslide), otherwise known as Measure D will levy a… Continue reading Two things – The Sugar Tax and a Cashless society

Yes means Yes Law

Yes-means-yes……is the new law passed by California lawmakers primarily aimed at University campuses. The law mandates Universities to adopt Affirmative consent in their definition of consensual sex. Basically the law states that silence and lack of resistance DO NOT signify consent and that drugs or alcohol do not excuse unwanted sexual activity. This law is… Continue reading Yes means Yes Law