When i realized wrestling was fake

I bet we all have crossed this bridge at one point of our lives. I vaguely remember the feeling of disappointment meshed with slight anger at my being scammed of my pure (childhood) emotions. Growing up, I adored wrestling; stars like Rick flair, Razor Ramon, Tatanka, Yokozuma, XXX, the (original) Undertaker (with the pall bearer),… Continue reading When i realized wrestling was fake

Understanding your human value

When you live tens of thousands of miles away from what you call home, sometimes all you have are memories of home to go on. I grew up with five friends and we were inseparable. By no means was our bond perfect; we had the usual squabbles, fights and conflict of interests. Did I forget… Continue reading Understanding your human value

Halloween, the adults Christmas

Hey everyone, Halloween is around the corner – puke. For the past week, I believe you have had this fact thrown to your face – either at work or during commercials, we have all been reminded that it’s that time of the year. Halloween is fast becoming the new Christmas for adults. Parents look at… Continue reading Halloween, the adults Christmas

Domestic violence > NFL/Sports

I had resisted the urge to write anything about Domestic violence and our bandwagon (knee jerk) criticism of the NFL. But at this point, it is enough. For 2 months I have stumbled upon articles, op-eds and blog posts which have joined the gravy train to criticize the NFL. This worries me – it worries… Continue reading Domestic violence > NFL/Sports

The black-hole that is marriage

Whenever I stop to think about marriage, it ends with a shudder. This has been the pattern for the last year. As I inch closer to crossing the divide, I wonder what will be of my life. Sure, I am surrounded by married folks –at work and virtually all my childhood friends – who all… Continue reading The black-hole that is marriage

Parenting in the 2000’s – Adrian Peterson

Below is the full text of Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson’s statement, which he released Monday. He has been charged with child abuse for striking his 4-year-old son with a wooden switch. My attorney has asked me not to discuss the facts of my pending case. I hope you can respect that request and… Continue reading Parenting in the 2000’s – Adrian Peterson

Why do fools fall in Love?

Why do fools fall in love?  This is a question that has been asked for generations. For most folks, they fall in Love because they don’t know what love is. They do not think of the repercussions of Love. What is Love? Love is love, it is caring, it is selfless, it is timeless, it… Continue reading Why do fools fall in Love?