80’s baby – Dad and mum, different rooms

While watching the final season of the Tudors, King Henry VIII was ill and his (6th) wife insisted that pending the resolution of his illness, her (Catherine Barr’s) bed be moved to the King’s room so that she could take care of him. This idea of husband and wife sleeping in different rooms raised fond memories of… Continue reading 80’s baby – Dad and mum, different rooms

Internet Arguments-Mr Right

Everyone wants to win….or better still, we all want to be right. In an age where everyone has an opinion and coupled with the anonymity that the internet as a medium to express these opinions provides us, we are at the mercy of Mr Right. For those who frequent forums or comment at the end of… Continue reading Internet Arguments-Mr Right

Those last minute Friday Code Merge

Its Friday,  and as usual, our bodies are in the office but our minds are already sipping that cold beer in the sports bar. One internal culture we have at work is the circulation of mails that reminds you its the weekend. This particular mail took it for me this Friday (and i suspect, most of the… Continue reading Those last minute Friday Code Merge