Building your own relationships

The past two months has been particularly interesting; interesting in the sense that life comes at you with (200 mph) curve balls and you are forced to basically grope in the dark for answers or a way out. And while i cleared one mine field after the other, one thing became clear – relationships matter.… Continue reading Building your own relationships

5 tips to help you socially immerse yourself into a city

So you move to a new city, you do not know anyone and you are looking to become part of the city and its people. There are time tested ways of being assimilated into a city’s life, tips which I have employed successfully given the fact that I have relocated 3 times in the past… Continue reading 5 tips to help you socially immerse yourself into a city

Internet Arguments-Mr Right

Everyone wants to win….or better still, we all want to be right. In an age where everyone has an opinion and coupled with the anonymity that the internet as a medium to express these opinions provides us, we are at the mercy of Mr Right. For those who frequent forums or comment at the end of… Continue reading Internet Arguments-Mr Right

How to Stop Looking for Happiness in Others and Learn to Create It Yourself

  We all yearn for happiness. Some spend their entire lives searching for it – in their jobs, relationships e.t.c. And while some are lucky to find it, others never discover it. Why find it, when you can create it. Read and enjoy! Learn to create happiness by yourself      

The Butterfly Diaries: Johnny

[Aliases used] Johnny never liked going out. After work, Johnny preferred spending time indoors, either watching movies or cable T.V. Work was demanding on him and he preferred to use his time after work to mentally recuperate. But there was one problem; Johnny was single and was due for marriage. His friends gave him grief… Continue reading The Butterfly Diaries: Johnny