Talking about the Grammys….

The Grammy awards have come and (thankfully) gone. But with the lack of buzz associated with this year’s edition (which during the late 90’s was worth watching), it shows how far the event has fallen from glory. Personally, i had fleeting interest in certain categories (ROTY, AOTY), which mandated my following the updates on social… Continue reading Talking about the Grammys….

Kendrick Lamar, Hip-Hop’s Newest Old-School Star

  TDE’s (Top Dawg) ab soul released his second LP titled “these days” and while it’s not Kendrick Lamar-esque, its something to keep our ears wet till Kendrick drops his 3rd Album (after Jay Rock). Meanwhile, i culled this from the NyTimes to recap his (K-Dot) past year. His verse on Control, Grammy’s and all….… Continue reading Kendrick Lamar, Hip-Hop’s Newest Old-School Star