Actors roles that have stood the test of time

Its Friday!!! Anyways, this morning, i thought about one of my favorite actors –  Keanu Reeves and his role in the Matrix and how that role defined him. Since then, all other roles which he has played have paled in comparison to “NEO”. I started naming other actors who had defining roles that had stuck with… Continue reading Actors roles that have stood the test of time

What’s your name

  Below are a list of weird names.   This guy probably was influenced by the large emigration of Nazis to South america after the fall of the 3rd Reich. Seriously though, there is a large German contingent in Ecuador. I previously worked with an Ecuadorian and he was named Wolfgang.  But its safe to say… Continue reading What’s your name

Those last minute Friday Code Merge

Its Friday,  and as usual, our bodies are in the office but our minds are already sipping that cold beer in the sports bar. One internal culture we have at work is the circulation of mails that reminds you its the weekend. This particular mail took it for me this Friday (and i suspect, most of the… Continue reading Those last minute Friday Code Merge