Building your own relationships

The past two months has been particularly interesting; interesting in the sense that life comes at you with (200 mph) curve balls and you are forced to basically grope in the dark for answers or a way out. And while i cleared one mine field after the other, one thing became clear – relationships matter.… Continue reading Building your own relationships

The week that was….

Its been a week since i last checked into WordPress, so while i have a few seconds, let me catch up. So, lets see, what has changed in the world since last week? nothing new, the world is still being flushed down the toilet, everyone is killing each other, oil prices are crashing and the shale… Continue reading The week that was….

Have you really lived?

It’s been a while since I blogged which should be blamed on my day job. Anyways, I saw this picture today and it struck a chord. This picture says a lot about a man’s character. How many people have you helped, knowing fully well, that doing so will accord you no benefits? How many people… Continue reading Have you really lived?