Our Democracy at its best…Gerrymandering

I woke up with the innate need to share this. I came across this picture months ago, but for some strange reason, today struck me as a perfect day to put this up. Anyways, the USA is known as the shinny example of Democracy. Well, ladies and gents, enjoy     Courtesy: Washington Post Advertisements

I am right, you are wrong

Once i got wind (on twitter) of President Obama’s speech on immigration, i dreaded turning to the usual political channels – FOX, MSNBC, CNN et al. After i summoned the courage, i first tuned to MSNBC to find Rachael Maddow basically giddy at the president’s move. Then, i held my breathe and dived into FOX… Continue reading I am right, you are wrong

Elections, Elections

Thankfully, today is the mid-term elections. Thankfully, after today, we would be spared the nonsense ads laced with half-truths we see on TV. Thankfully, words like “across the aisle”, “compromise”, “Leadership”, “Obamacare”, “middleclass”, “Washington”, “abortion”, “tax cuts”, “family values” etc. would no longer be brandished around as if lives depended on it. (Funny, they always… Continue reading Elections, Elections

Have you tried living on minimum wage for a week

  I mulled the idea of experimenting living on minimum wage for a week but dropped it like a hot potato. I could not put myself through the shock of a sudden change in my erstwhile modest lifestyle. But recently, a former Governor of a State tried (another term for political stunt) to make a… Continue reading Have you tried living on minimum wage for a week

The price of Hamas Tunnels

  The above graphics recently posted by the Israeli Defense Force’s (IDF) twitter account has made the rounds in the media and it is worth some public discourse. On seeing the tweet, my first instinct was to re-tweet … I mean the tweet made sense – Hamas is using resources which would have been better… Continue reading The price of Hamas Tunnels

Is a Latino considered “White”

I ask, is a Latino white? This is a question that is raging in the US. The question when posed is very subjective and complex with the person being questioned obviously taking time to ponder the question. In reality, the answer is easy but the complexity and politics of race in America has messed everything up.… Continue reading Is a Latino considered “White”