Another case of innocent stereotyping

I love Colorado. One of the reasons I love the state is its super chilled culture. Places like Fort Collins, Boulder have amazing bars with a million and one combination of beers; not to mention hippies (the reasonably clean ones) – I love them and their care free attitude. Well, back to the premise of… Continue reading Another case of innocent stereotyping

Redskins is the new PC slur

The name… offensive is it? That is the hot button issue in the public domain these days. I have searched and raided the internet as to the context within which this word is a slur and all I see are personal interpretations and “assumptions” by folks who are trying to tow the political correctness line.… Continue reading Redskins is the new PC slur

Crying wolf on discrimination—Crowd funding

      The concept of crowd funding is a very exciting proposition – especially when you look at the inherent purpose behind the idea. For those who do not understand the concept, Crowd funding is a practice of funding ideas (project) by pooling (usually) small amounts of donations from large groups of people (aka… Continue reading Crying wolf on discrimination—Crowd funding

Is a Latino considered “White”

I ask, is a Latino white? This is a question that is raging in the US. The question when posed is very subjective and complex with the person being questioned obviously taking time to ponder the question. In reality, the answer is easy but the complexity and politics of race in America has messed everything up.… Continue reading Is a Latino considered “White”