Don’t you just love those “Love Triangles?”

At one point or the other, we all have been part of a love triangle. It has always been a rite of passage into adulthood. If you went through the basic hoops of high school, you must have been one of the key players in a love triangle. For those unfortunate enough to have missed… Continue reading Don’t you just love those “Love Triangles?”

Yes means Yes Law

Yes-means-yes……is the new law passed by California lawmakers primarily aimed at University campuses. The law mandates Universities to adopt Affirmative consent in their definition of consensual sex. Basically the law states that silence and lack of resistance DO NOT signify consent and that drugs or alcohol do not excuse unwanted sexual activity. This law is… Continue reading Yes means Yes Law

The Butterfly Diaries: Johnny

[Aliases used] Johnny never liked going out. After work, Johnny preferred spending time indoors, either watching movies or cable T.V. Work was demanding on him and he preferred to use his time after work to mentally recuperate. But there was one problem; Johnny was single and was due for marriage. His friends gave him grief… Continue reading The Butterfly Diaries: Johnny