The week that was….

Its been a week since i last checked into WordPress, so while i have a few seconds, let me catch up. So, lets see, what has changed in the world since last week? nothing new, the world is still being flushed down the toilet, everyone is killing each other, oil prices are crashing and the shale… Continue reading The week that was….

When i realized wrestling was fake

I bet we all have crossed this bridge at one point of our lives. I vaguely remember the feeling of disappointment meshed with slight anger at my being scammed of my pure (childhood) emotions. Growing up, I adored wrestling; stars like Rick flair, Razor Ramon, Tatanka, Yokozuma, XXX, the (original) Undertaker (with the pall bearer),… Continue reading When i realized wrestling was fake

Along came California

8 months ago, i posted an “Along came Colorado” titled post. Today, my title speaks to that regard. Apparently, another relocation to the Golden state has been set. While the journey and settling process seems daunting, the peace of mind that comes with some stability for the next year (career-wise) is comforting. As i indicated earlier,… Continue reading Along came California

My First Kimchi experience

As I waited for the International student’s officer who was swamped by students, I pondered my current dilemma. I was new to the US and I was in need of a place to stay in College. I had the option of getting a place off campus or stay on campus. I wasn’t sure, but I… Continue reading My First Kimchi experience

Along came Colorado!

  Another major move again? That was the thought that crossed my mind as I heard the geographical location of my latest career move. Fort Collins, Colorado….hmm, isn’t Colorado the state that has/ (is proposing to have) Marijuana vending machines on the streets? Fact is, I envisioned myself working on the west coast of the… Continue reading Along came Colorado!