it’s time for change

It is safe to say Nouri al-Maliki’s days are numbered as the Prime-minister of Iraq. Following his fractious style of ruling and his inability to stem the march of ISIS towards Bagdad, his removal was inevitable. Al-Maliki, Shiite and living in exile from Saddam Hussein returned to be appointed prime minister in 2006 due to… Continue reading it’s time for change

Dying Beautifully

Currently in the Writer’s paralyzed state, but at-least, i can still read and know an excellent piece when i come across one. This feels as it was written with Rachmaninoff’s Prelude in G minor Op.23 playing in the background. Totally riveting!! Dying beautifully — by Gukira  

The price of Hamas Tunnels

  The above graphics recently posted by the Israeli Defense Force’s (IDF) twitter account has made the rounds in the media and it is worth some public discourse. On seeing the tweet, my first instinct was to re-tweet … I mean the tweet made sense – Hamas is using resources which would have been better… Continue reading The price of Hamas Tunnels

Strike first and ask questions later: Vladimir Putin

The oldest trick in the book of Medieval politics….Strike first and ask questions later. Not only does this put you in the position of power, it also allows you to decide the rules of the game. Vladimir Putin espouses this line of thought. His (Putin’s) favorite leader is Peter the Great! A person who increased… Continue reading Strike first and ask questions later: Vladimir Putin